React.js Development Outsourcing - A New Trend in Development

December 15, 2021


Facebook developed React as a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is often used on the web to build interactive UIs. React uses a virtual DOM to efficiently update the real DOM, and can also be used in native mobile apps. The goal of React is to provide declarative, efficient, and flexible UI components that can help us create large projects with maintainable code. It is used to build composable and declarative UIs.

React's declarative, the component-based architecture makes it easy to create interactive UIs. It also simplifies the process of linking different parts of an application together because it allows programmers to create smart and reusable UI components that present data that changes over time.

React Native enables developers to use React's declarative style and its modular code for mobile app development. ReactJS/ React Native has gained momentum in the last few years because it provides a solution for front-end development. ReactJS can be viewed in all of the mainstream browsers, making it an ideal option for back-end developers looking for an easy way to integrate their front-end code with their back-end code.

What is the Cost of ReactJS/ React Native Development?

React is perfect for creating interactive UIs and we can say that it has an expressive programming style. It handles DOM updates efficiently and helps unify the components to build larger apps with ease, which is why it's still used by many developers today.

This article will discuss how much does ReactJS/React Native development costs? To answer this question, we will analyze three popular methods for hiring React JS developers:

1) Hiring ReactJS/React Native developers from a digital agency

Hiring a React developer is expensive. The wages for this type of developer are high and the cost of the benefits package they receive is even higher. This is because ReactJS/React Native developers are very in demand, with them being hard to find and difficult to train.

Companies are hiring react developers from digital agencies to build their apps. The cost of developing a React app is higher than the cost of developing a more traditional app with other frameworks. However, the time-to-market for a React app is much lower and it can be customized to fit the needs of the individual company.

2) Hiring ReactJS/React Native developers from a freelance marketplace

One of the greatest problems in the world of web development is the shortage of talent. Companies are looking to hire more developers, but don’t know where to find them. The next logical step is to look for them on freelance marketplaces, but how much can it cost? Let’s find out!

Hiring a freelance developer can be a daunting task. Freelancers usually have different levels of experience, skill, and availability. And the cost of their services will depend on how you want them to work for you. The cost of reactJS developers can vary greatly depending on the number of hours they work and the experience level.

Hiring a React developer in the freelance marketplace is one of the best ways to get work done without hassle. React developers are in high demand, and when you hire from a freelance marketplace, you can find the right candidate with ease. The cost of hiring a react developer on the freelance market varies from 30-150$/ hour.

3) Hiring ReactJS/React Native developer from a remote outsourcing company

Outsourcing is a process of hiring professionals to complete tasks for you. With the increased use of offshore outsourcing, there has been an increasing need for remote development or hiring developers who work remotely. Remote developers are more cost-efficient and quick to hire because of their location and time zone.

Technology has allowed people all over the world to become freelancers. Workers can work remotely with clients located anywhere in the world. With this, workers can now provide services at rates lower than ever before. For example, an offshore developer may charge $40/hour; compare this with $150/hour for an onshore developer.

Many companies provide outsourcing of React developers. Costs can range from 3000$ to 15000$ per month, depending on the developer's skills, experience, and availability.

How to Hire React Developers for Remote Work

Remote work is booming. More and more companies are opting for remote workers, no matter the job position. Remote work is also becoming more popular because it is easier for companies to find skilled developers. One of the most sought-after skillsets of the moment is ReactJS/ React Native development.

Many outsourcing companies specialize in ReactJS/ React Native development, some of them being Zelp and Toptal. They have a large pool of candidates with excellent skills to offer, so they're very competitive in terms of pricing too.

The first thing to think about is how much experience does the developer has in building applications with React and other JavaScript libraries? Does he or she know how to build scalable and robust web apps? Do they have good programming skills in general? If they do not meet all these criteria, then it's probably not worth hiring them.

On the other hand, if they do meet these criteria, then you shouldn't worry about their location as long as they can communicate well with you


Outsourcing work to a company that specializes in remote work allows you to take advantage of their expertise in your industry while allowing them to learn about new skillsets.

The remote worker is becoming more and more common. Particularly when it comes to outsourcing work that does not require face-to-face interaction. The benefits are clear - the company saves on salaries, benefits, etc., while they have access to experts in their field without any geographical restrictions.

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